How to eno?

Learn how enophones can help you unlock your mind's full potential and get the most out of your everyday life.

Experience newfound focus, creativity, and peacefulness like never before.

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eno Building Blocks

The eno platform is an advanced neuroscience system designed to help you train your brain to more easily achieve and sustain your desired mind states.

The system consists of:

High-fidelity enophones

with advanced noise-canceling that immerse you in an unparalleled auditory experience while accurately capturing your brain's electrical activity and opening a gateway to improvement.

A mobile app

that transforms your smartphone into a powerful mind-tuner, offering personalized sessions that guide you towards achieving your desired mental state—be it for intense focus, creative breakthroughs, or deep relaxation.

And a cutting-edge neuroscience data platform

Designed by neuroscience researchers to deliver insights into your brain’s performance, empowering you with actionable feedback.

Getting started is easy

Welcome to a new whole new level of mental fitness! Here’s how to get your eno experience started:

Step 1:

Unbox your enophones and download the eno App from the Apple App Store.
(Android App coming soon—subscribe below and stay tuned!).

Step 2:

Pair your enophones to your iPhone via Bluetooth, just like you would any other headphones. You'll need to have your enophones paired to be able to access the eno app.

Step 3:

Create your enophone profile and follow the simple steps to set up your enophone account. This will unlock a world of personalized brain training sessions tailored just for you.

You're All Set!

Now you're ready to begin your journey to enhanced focus, creativity, and relaxation. Dive into your first session and start training your brain today!


Need Help? Have Questions?

If you encounter any bumps along the way, check out our FAQs or write us at We’re here to help.

Using the eno App

Start on the path of improved mental fitness with the eno app—your personal mind tuner. Designed to guide you effortlessly into your desired mind state, each feature of the app is backed by neuroscience, ensuring you have the tools you need for enhanced mental well-being at your fingertips.

Each mind-state experience in the app is composed of three elements:

1. Audio Stimulation

Experience immersive audio neurostimulation tracks, blending binaural beats, Isochronic tones, and soothing ASMR sounds.

These elements are scientifically proven to facilitate the journey into your chosen mind state. The app also dynamically tailors the audio based on your real-time brainwave activity.

2. Guiding Visuals

Stay visually connected in your journey towards the desired mind-state through patterns that are driven by your real-time brain data.

The visuals offer intuitive insights into your progress towards tranquility, focus, or creativity.

3. Performance report

After each session, dive into a detailed report analyzing your brain's performance.

The eno data platform delivers a wealth of information including a global score, performance charts, session timelines, and brainwave graphs. Keep tracking your progress and discover areas for growth.

Personalize Your Journey with Your Brainwave Baseline

Just like fingerprints, your brainwave activity is uniquely yours. In order to tailor your ernophone experience to your specific brain signature, it is important to first establish your brainwave baseline.

You can do so by using your enophones in the "Tracking Only" mode for a total of 180 minutes. Whether you choose to complete this in one go or spread it out over multiple sessions, you're laying the foundation for a more personalized journey.

Once you establish your brainwave baseline, every training session is scored against your brain signature, offering a more precise view of your mental fitness journey over time.

How enophones Work

enophones are built on well-established principles of applied neuroscience. Key building blocks are:

(Electroencephalogram) Technology

The most widely used, non-invasive methodology to monitor real-time brain activity. It allows for detailed visualization of brain function and is backed by decades or research. Enos use this data as the foundation for improvement

Audio & Visual Stimulation

enophones utilize a blend of proven audio stimulation methods, including binaural beats, ASMR, and isochronic tones, to guide your brain into preferred mental states. Additionally, the eno app incorporates visual cues, providing real-time feedback on your brain's performance.

Brain Entrainment

A groundbreaking technique that synchronizes your brainwaves to external stimuli like sound or light pulses. This process effectively 'tunes' your brain to desired frequencies, facilitating states of deep relaxation, heightened focus, or creative inspiration.


Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and learn in response to new experiences. This is what allows your brain to form new neural pathways and change its function. enophones tap into this power to teach your brain new skills

Need Help? Have Questions?

If you encounter any bumps along the way, check out our FAQs or write us at We’re here to help.