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Enophones | EEG activity monitoring headphones

Enophones are the world's first tuner for your mind. This groundbreaking fusion of headphone technology and cutting-edge brainwave monitoring capabilities allows you to easily tune into your mental performance. Embark on a journey of improved mental wellness through the power of neurofeedback and personalized insights.

Enophones' proven neuroscience tools help you calibrate your brain to more easily reach and sustain desired states such as focus, creativity, and relaxation. Tune into the harmony of your mind with EnophonesEnophones, EEG activity monitoring.

Product Benefits

Enophones are your personal tuner for your mind. With them you can:

Monitor Brain Activity: Using four built-in brainwave sensors, Enophones provide a real-time glimpse into your brain activity throughout the day.

Gain Unique Insights:Track and analyze your mental states and discover ways to improve your overall mental fitness.

Achieve Desired Mind States: Utilize neuroscience-based tools that help tune your brain into focus, flow, and relaxation.

Enjoy Premium Sound Quality & Noise cancellation: Experience top-notch audio and noise cancellation while exploring the inner workings of your mind.

With Enophones, you're not just listening to music; you're tuning into yourself.

Discover the power of your mind with Enophones.

The Enophone App

The Enophone app is your gateway to understanding and mastering your mind. Paired with your Enophoines, the app provides real-time brainwave data analysis, offering insights into your mental states.

Dive deep into a curated slection of neuroscience-based content, tools, and exercises designed to boost mental fitness & resilience and personalized to your unique brain signature

Each mind Journey in the app adapts to your current brain activity and optimizes the path to your desired mental state.

Join the Enophone community and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and mental mastery.

Product Specs

Size & weight:

- Enophone dimensions: 200×200×85 mm

- Enophone weight: 370g


Brain Imaging


- 4 Medical grade, gold-plated EEG sensors

- Retractable sensor prongs for ideal fit

- Sensor locations: A1, A2, C3, C4

- Reference and bias sensor locations: A1 and A2



Power & Connectivity

- Battery: 8+ hour rechargeable lithium-ion

- USB-C charger port

- Bluetooth: 5.0 / BLE

- Audio input: Stereo mini jack 3.5 mm plug



- Drivers: 40 mm

- Impedance: 16 Ohm

- Frequency Range: -20 Hz -20.000 Hz

- Noise cancellation: 4 microphone active Noise cancellation



- iOS App