Introducing enophones: Tune Your Mind; Control Your World

The world's first headphones designed to help you tune your mind.

enophones are your personal mind tuner. They insulate you from the noise outside and help you manage the noise inside.

Use enophones to track your brainwave activity and achieve desired mind states like focus, creativity, relaxation and many others.

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  • Premium Sound Quality & Noise Cancellation:

    Experience and feel top-notch audio and noise cancellation.

  • Advanced brainwave detection:

    4 built-in sensors precisely track your brain's electrical signals, providing insights into your mental performance.

  • Precise brainwave data capture:

    Enophones record dozens of snapshots of brain activity per second, offering a rich source for brainwave analysis.

  • Stylish and Functional design:

    The only neuroscience wearable that doesn't compromise on style - wearing them won’t make you look like an alien.

Discover the power of your mind

enophones are more than just high-end headphones; they're your personal access to understanding your mind.

With these one-of-a-kind headphones, you can take your mental wellness to the next level.

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“With enophones you are not just listening to music; you're tuning into yourself. "

Rooted in neuroscience

The enophone app has a growing library of adaptive mind journeys that are meticulously crafted to help you achieve desired mind states.

Each journey apply neuroscience best practices to create experiences that adapt to your brain signals in real-time.

Your gateway to understading your mind

enophones are a pair of high-end headphones with the unique capability of monitoring your brainwave activity.

Through four built-in sensors, enophones open a window to the inner workings of your mind, providing visibility into your brain’s performance throughout the day.

Why use enophones?

The mind journeys in the enophone app are designed to help you tune into & sustain desired mind states such as focus, flow and relaxaztion.

By tracking and analyzing your brain’s activity, enophones can help surface unique insights on how to improve your over all mental fitness.

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What are enophones?

enophones are ground-breaking high-end headphones that do more than play music. They are a tuner for your mind. enophones come equipped with four advanced EEG sensors, giving them the capability of monitoring your brainwave activity. Specific mental states like calm, focus, and relaxation are associated with particular brainwave patterns.  By tracking and analyzing your brain’s electrical activity, the enophones app helps you surface unique insights on the inner workings of your mind.  The app also provides you with a full set of neuroscience-based sessions meticulously engineered to help you tune into and sustain specific mind states.

How do enophones work?

When connected to the app, enophones actively monitor your brainwave patterns. These patterns, derived from the electrical signals in your brain, are processed by the app to provide real-time insights into various frequencies like Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. Particular frequency patterns are associated with specific mental states. By tracking shifts in these patterns, enophones offer a dynamic view of your mind's transitions over time. 

enophones utilize this data to curate adaptive sessions tailored to guide you towards desired mental states such as calm, focus, and relaxation. The sessions are immersive, with audio and visual elements that respond in real-time to your brain's activity. Leveraging the science of neurofeedback and brain entrainment, these sessions are crafted to help you navigate and sustain your desired mindset.

What kind of mental fitness benefits can enophones provide to me?

The Enophones app offers a set of tools rooted in applied neuroscience principles such as the concepts of neuroplasticity and brain entrainment. While individual experiences will vary, the sessions in the Enophones app are designed to support specific mind states such as enhanced focus, relaxation, and flow. The sessions provided by the Enophones app aim to guide your brain towards desired mental states, fostering a deeper understanding of your mind's patterns. By utilizing these neuroscience-backed tools, users have the potential to experience improved mental well-being, increased mindfulness, faster shifts between states, and a sense of enhanced mental balance over time.

How does the enophones app use the data from the EEG sensors?

The enophones app utilizes data from the EEG sensors to capture real-time brainwave activity. These brain waves are categorized into different frequencies, such as Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta, each associated with specific mental states. By analyzing these frequencies, the app identifies your current state of mind based on neuroscience guidelines. Using this analysis, the enophones app provides immediate feedback through the adaptive audio and visual elements that make up each session. These sessions are designed using principles of neurofeedback, neuroplasticity, and brain entrainment, aiming to guide your mind towards desired mental states. Over time, with consistent use, this feedback helps users become more aware of their mental patterns and offers tools to navigate and sustain specific mindsets.

How do I connect enophones to the mobile app?

enophones pair with your mobile phone like any other Bluetooth device.  To connect your enophones to the mobile app, first ensure your they are powered on. Next, activate Bluetooth on your mobile device. From there, search for available devices and select "enophones" from the list. You're all set!  enophones start tracking your brain activity from the moment you launch the app.

Can I use enophones without the mobile app?

enophones can function as regular headphones without the need to connect to the app. However, to monitor your brainwave activity and view session insights, you must have the enophones app active and paired with your device. Note that the enophones app will not work unless your mobile device is paired with a headset.

Can I use enophones during exercise or other physical activities?

Absolutely! enophones function similarly to other over-the-ear headphones. Many users enjoy them during workouts, leisurely walks, and even while resting or sleeping. The crucial aspect is ensuring the EEG sensors maintain consistent contact with your head. To confirm they're positioned correctly, check the headphone icon during any session; all four sensors should illuminate green.

Is the enophones app available for both iOS and Android Devices?

The enophones app is currently only available for iOS devices.  Our dedicated team is busily working on developing the Android version. Stay tuned for news on this soon!

How long does the battery charge last on enophones?

The battery life of the enophones is designed to last up to 8 hours on a single charge.  Actual results will depend on usage.

Are enophones easy to use?

Yes, enophones are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Simply turn on the enophones, connect to the app, and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.  If you need any help or have any questions on how to get the most out of your enophones reach out to contact us.

Are enophones safe for children to use?

enophones are crafted with the same safety standards as other premium over-the-ear headphones, making them suitable for all ages. However, if you have any specific concerns about minors using enophones, it's always a good idea to consult with a medical professional.

Are enophones a replacement for mental health treatment?

No, enophones are in no way intended to be a source of or replacement for professional mental health treatment. enophones are a consumer device designed to be used as a tool to support and enhance mental fitness, but should not be used or considered as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.  If you are experiencing any type of mental symptoms consult a medical professional.

Are there any contraindications or situations where I shouldn't use enophones?

enophones are designed for general use.  However, if you have a history of epilepsy, seizures, or other neurological conditions, or have any health concerns regarding the potential effects of using the enophones, it is essential that you consult with a medical professional prior to use.